I’m Zac, a software engineer, and this is my blog where I write about technology, life, and whatever I find interesting.

Have questions or suggestions? Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or email. Interested in some of my open source projects? Check out my repos.

Things I’ve done


I’m currently working at Captial One developing software with marketing tech to incentivize customer behavior. I also do part-time independent consulting work for companies using Haskell and IHP.


  • Summer 2020 - Software Engineering Intern @ Capital One
    • AWS Neptune/Graph Databases, Data visualization with D3.js
  • Summer 2019 - Software Engineering Intern @ FireEye
    • React, Ruby on Rails
  • Summer 2018 - Software Engineering Intern @ Remine
    • React, Node.js, TypeScript
  • Summer 2017 - Software Engineering Intern @ Edge 360
    • Node.js


At the beginning of 2021 I started contributing to the Haskell web framework IHP. I’ve worked mainly on contributing features upstream that I built for my own app written in IHP. Currently working on improving the already great developer experience by expanding the IHP web IDE!

I’m a Platnium Partner in the digitally induced Partner Program under the name Zallocate Software. If you’re looking to build your business with IHP and are looking for help, please reach out. Depending on availability, I’d be happy to help develop the project or connect you with other talented IHP developers. I am also available for general Haskell consulting.


In October 2018 I released my first iOS app Attics to the App Store. It lets you stream thousands of live Grateful Dead concerts right from your phone. If you’re a Deadhead, you’ll love it. I built it for myself and never expected it to get any users, but with thousands of downloads, hundreds daily active users, and a (nearly) solid five star rating, I think I can say it’s been a success!